Michigan Online Poker Players Can Join Mystery Bounty Tournaments At WSOP

Mystery Bounty poker tournaments are a new and exciting type of tournament that has become increasingly popular among poker players due to their unique structure. Fortunately for World Series of Poker Michigan customers, Mystery Bounty tournaments are now available for Michigan online poker players

In this article, we will explain what Mystery Bounty tournaments are, and how you can find them on the WSOP MI website.

What Are Mystery Bounty Tournaments?

Mystery Bounty tournaments are a unique variation of a poker bounty tournament. In a typical bounty tournament, each player would have a pre-defined bounty on their head, which means that any player who eliminates them from the tournament will win that pre-determined cash prize. 

PKOs, or progressive knockout tournaments, have been wildly popular online the last few years after they took the bounty tournament format to a new level. In a PKO, when a player earns another player’s bounty, the bounty on their own head also becomes bigger, making other players more incentivized to attempt to eliminate them.

At the beginning of a Mystery Bounty tournament, nobody has any idea how much the potential bounties will be later on. In most Mystery bounty formats, both live and online, bounties most often only become live/active on Day 2 of a tournament. 

In live tournaments, after a player eliminates another player on Day 2, they are awarded a mystery bounty. At their own leisure, they go to the Mystery Bounty booth and select an envelope that could contain a minimum bounty (the large majority) or a top-prize bounty which is often the same prize as a top-three finish in the tournament or better.

At this past year’s $1,000 WSOP Mystery Bounty event, the top bounty prize was a cool $1,000,000. However, when you play online, a random number generator selects your prize for you.

In addition to the mystery bounties, Mystery Bounty tournaments are played like a typical No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament as the last player standing wins the tournament and the lion’s share of the prize pool.

How to Find Mystery Bounty Tournaments on WSOP.com in Michigan

If you’re interested in playing in a Mystery Bounty tournament on the WSOP Michigan website, here’s how you can find them:

  • Visit the WSOP.com website and log in to your account.
  • Select the “Tournaments” tab from the main menu.
  • Under the “Filters” section, select “Michigan” as your location.
  • Scroll down to the “Bounty” section and select “Mystery Bounty” to filter the tournaments.
  • Browse the available tournaments and select the one you want to play in.

It’s worth noting that Mystery Bounty tournaments are quite uncommon as opposed to regular bounty tournaments and PKOs.

Therefore, Mystery Bounty tournaments may not be available every day. However, they are typically held at regular intervals, so keep an eye on the WSOP.com tournament schedule to find upcoming Mystery Bounty tournaments.

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