Win NFL Tickets at BetMGM Casino Michigan March 2023

BetMGM has some of the best bonuses and offers in Michigan, with many of the sportsbook promotions tying in hometown favorites like the Detroit Lions. But, right now, casino players have an opportunity to win NFL tickets to a Detroit Lions game playing at BetMGM Casino Michigan. It’s easy to enter, and could mean seeing an NFL game completely for free.

Join BetMGM Casino Michigan to Win NFL Tickets

Before players can win NFL tickets, they have to join BetMGM first. New signups can claim our exclusive BetMGM Casino Michigan bonus code for new players, which includes a $25 no-deposit bonus, plus a 100% deposit-match bonus up to $1,000.

This gets players a great headstart on winning NFL tickets playing games. Here’s a breakdown:

How to Win NFL Tickets Playing BetMGM Casino Games

Now through Dec. 19, 2022, players have the opportunity to win NFL tickets with the Defend the Den Ticket Sweepstakes. Getting in on the action is pretty straightforward:

  1. Visit BetMGM Casino Michigan, head to the promotion page, and opt-in (do not skip this step, or your play won’t go towards winning NFL tickets).
  2. Simply opting in will automatically earn you one entry.
  3. To earn another entry, wager $50 or more on Detroit Lions Blackjack or Detroit Lions Roulette.

It’s as easy as that. Complete the above and you’ll have your two entries to win NFL tickets. The prize package includes two tickets, so you can bring a friend as well. Keep in mind that you can only earn two entries maximum, so continuing to wager on Detroit Lions Blackjack or Detroit Lions Roulette won’t increase your chances after the initial $50.

Quick Tips on Detroit Lions Blackjack & Roulette

1. Utilize Basic Blackjack Strategy

Check out our online blackjack in Michigan guide, which includes tips and tricks to getting the most out of your blackjack play. But using this Blackjack Strategy Chart is the easiest way to guarantee you’re making the best move. No matter what cards you have or the dealer’s showing, a basic strategy chart tells you what to do based on the odds of winning.

Keep in mind that the strategy chart is based on mathematical likelihood and does not guarantee a win. But even if you lose, you made the right move if you follow the strategy chart.

Then again, going based on instinct can also prove the best move. If it works, no one can say it was the wrong decision!

2. Don’t Fall for Roulette Falacies

Roulette is a casino game that inspires a lot of superstition. But it’s important to ignore common roulette fallacies to set yourself up for success.

The most common fallacy is assuming a number or color is “due.” For example, if the ball lands on a black number ten times in a row, it may feel like a red number is next. But every spin of the roulette wheel has the same odds as the last one.

Think of each roulette spin as its own new game, because that’s exactly what it is. Past numbers mean nothing in terms of what to place on the felt for the next spin.

New to roulette? Here’s our guide to playing online roulette in Michigan.

3. Practice Responsible Gaming

The only way to guarantee that you’ll win at an online casino is playing for entertainment. Think of every bet as a ticket of entry for fun. If you win, great, but that shouldn’t be expected. That means never gambling more than you can afford to lose. And if it’s not in the budget to earn multiple entries to win NFL entries, go for just the one. It’s better than nothing, and losing too much money is always a mistake. Here’s our guide on Responsible Gaming in Michigan.

Winning NFL Tickets Is Easy at BetMGM Casino Michigan

In an online casino world filled with virtual and bonus fund prizes, having the opportunity to win NFL tickets is a welcome addition. And, although the Detroit Lions haven’t had a stellar start to the season, going to an NFL game is always fun. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the sport, it’s worth getting in on the Defend the Den Sweepstakes due to its low wagering requirement and the automatic entry just for opting in.

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