Sports Betting on the Detroit Pistons in Michigan

Although the NBA lost its 2020 season to the coronavirus outbreak, there’s hope for a late 2020 season or a fresh 2021 season. Whether the Pistons resume their previous season or begin anew, Michigan’s sportsbooks are open and ready for sports betting. Here’s what basketball fans need to know about betting on the Pistons.

Can You Bet On The Pistons At Michigan’s Sportsbooks?

Sportsbooks across the great state of Michigan will offer betting lines on the Pistons. The Pistons are a mainstream team in a mainstream league. If Michigan bettors want to wager on them, then the sportsbooks will gladly accept their bets.

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What Are Popular Bets To Place On The Pistons?

There are a few standard bets among NBA wagers. Picking the winner is a straightforward wager that any bettor will understand. However, bettors can also bet on several games in a row. If you’re not too risk-averse, you can bet two or three or ten games in advance. If you call every single game correctly, then you win. But if you guess even one of those games wrong, you lose your parlay bet.

Instead of betting on teams, you can bet on points. You can bet on the point spread if you think the Pistons will win by a certain number of points. Bettors can also wager on the total number of points scored in a game. This is a great wager for bettors who want to bet on the performance of both the Pistons and their opponent. That way, you have to depend on both teams to cover the point total.

Do The Pistons Have Any Partnerships With Michigan’s Sportsbooks?

The Pistons don’t have their own partnership with any sportsbooks, but the NBA has them covered. In 2019, the NBA signed a deal to make William Hill the league’s official sports betting operator. William Hill gets to use official NBA data, and the NBA directs interested bettors to William Hill’s sportsbook in return.

However, there is one pioneering Piston working with a sportsbook on his own. Blake Griffin signed a deal with WinView Inc. to promote its sportsbook. Unfortunately, the deal doesn’t offer fans anything besides the joy of seeing Blake Griffin’s dry sense of humor in his series of YouTube videos. But that’s more valuable than free tickets, right?  

How Popular Is Betting On The Pistons In Michigan?

The Pistons aren’t as popular as football–certainly not as popular as college football–but the Pistons enjoy a dedicated fan base. Basketball is a strong draw in Michigan and easily more popular than hockey or soccer. But Michiganders love their teams, and sportsbooks will have lines available on all of them.

Do All Of Michigan’s Sportsbooks Offer Lines On The Pistons?

Bettors will be able to find Pistons lines at any reputable sportsbook. Unless a sportsbook is determined to alienate bettors, it’s hard to imagine a sportsbook without Piston bets available.

Where Can Michiganders Bet On The Pistons?

If you’re near a casino, you’ll eventually have a place to bet. All of Michigan’s casinos plan to offer sports betting at their locations. Apparently, the thirst for sports betting built up over the five-year effort to legalize it. The MGM Grand Detroit was the first casino to open its sportsbook. It began the very Wednesday that the state allowed sportsbooks to operate. MotorCity and Greektown followed closely behind, giving bettors early betting options. Just in time for the pandemic.

Unfortunately for the socially distant, online gambling won’t be available until 2021. Michigan’s Gaming Commission still has to write the regulations governing online and mobile betting. The 2021 date is just an estimate, but the only prediction that’s more optimistic is six months. Plus the time it’ll take to apply for and receive approval for the new licenses. In the future, when sports return and online sportsbooks launch, expect to bet on the Pistons on various sports betting apps

What Bettors Need To Know About Betting On The Pistons

After a long road to legalization, sports betting is available in Michigan. Here’s what bettors really need to know about betting on the Pistons:

  1. Only in-person sports betting is available, which is less than ideal during the pandemic.
  2. All reputable sportsbooks will have betting lines on the Pistons.
  3. Bettors have a wide range of betting options, whether they want to bet on point totals or team performance.

In-person betting will be slow during the social distancing era, and Michigan will have to wait to bet on the Pistons online. Hopefully, the relevant committee will accelerate their plans to legalize it so Michigan can place its bets safely and responsibly.  

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