Detroit Lions Sports Betting at Michigan Sportsbooks

After four and a half years, Michigan finally legalized sports betting at the end of 2019. The first bet was cast on March 11–just in time for the coronavirus outbreak. Since online betting won’t be operational until 2021, bettors may have to put their betting on hold. In the meantime, here’s everything you need to know to prepare for resumed betting.

Can You Bet On The Lions At Michigan’s Legal Sportsbooks?

Any sportsbook that wants to make money will let bettors wager on the local NFL team. Even better, there are no betting restrictions on the Lions. Once social distancing is a (not so) distant memory, bettors can flock to their sportsbooks and wager on what will hopefully be an on-time Lions season.

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What Are Popular Ways To Bet On The Lions?

The most popular bet is probably picking the winner in a standard moneyline bet. Point spreads and over/unders are other great point bets.

But ambitious sports bettors can bet on how multiple games in a row will turn out. Parlay bets are risky but rewarding for anyone with enough foresight to pull off a win. Futures are other risky bets, but they’re only on things like the outcome of the season. You only have to be right once.  

Finally, prop bets are available for every conceivable in-game happenstance. These bets are mostly just for fun. No one’s winning thousands of dollars over a guess on the first team to step out of bounds.

Do The Lions Have A Partnership With Michigan Sportsbooks?

The Lions don’t have any partnerships with Michigan’s sportsbooks. However, the NFL has a fantasy sports partnership with DraftKings that lets them use the Lions’ stats, data, and likenesses on its website.

FanDuel has also expanded into Detroit. It partnered with Motor City Casino to open a physical location. It’s part of a wider strategy to offer in-person betting experiences for sports betting fans.

How Popular Is Betting On The Lions?

The Lions are one of Detroit’s most popular teams. But the Detroit Tigers are about as popular as the Lions, putting professional football and professional baseball neck-and-neck for Detroiters’ attention. They both put college sports to shame, and they’re far more popular than the Red Wings and the Pistons. Michiganders may love their teams, but the Lions and Tigers (but not the Bears) are where the betting action will be.

Do All Sportsbooks Offer Betting Lines On The Lions?

Yes, all MI sportsbooks will let bettors wager on the Lions. The Lions are one of the most popular teams in the city and belong to one of the most popular professional leagues in America. Good luck finding a legitimate sportsbook that doesn’t offer lines on them.

Where Can You Bet On The Lions?

Until Michigan’s Gaming Commission sets rules and guidelines for mobile sports betting, the only places Michiganders will be able to bet is at physical sportsbooks. Places like MotorCity Casino Hotel will have sportsbooks ready for its patrons.

However, until social distancing measures are relaxed, people desperate for online gaming will only have fantasy sports. It’s not the same as sports betting, but it’s the closest to sports betting that Lions fans will get in the age of social distancing. In the future, when sports return and online sportsbooks launch, expect to bet on the Lions on various sports betting apps

3 Things To Remember About Betting On The Lions

Social distancing has put a damper on Michigan’s burgeoning sports betting scene. However, sports betting will still be available when we can congregate in crowds again. Here’s what you need to know for when you can finally escape the house:

  1. In-person sports betting is all that’s available in Michigan until 2021–perfect timing.
  2. The Lions don’t have any partnerships with sportsbooks, but DraftKings and FanDuel are moving into Detroit.
  3. Lions fans will have plenty of ways to bet on the Lions when games resume.

Social distancing has hit the sports betting industry hard, but now that it’s legal in Michigan, it has a strong foothold. If only Michigan had mobile sports betting ready to go sooner.  

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