Detroit Lions Sports Betting at Michigan Sportsbooks

After four and a half years, Michigan finally legalized sports betting at the end of last year. The first bet was cast on March 11–just in time for the coronavirus outbreak. Since then, retail sportsbooks have launched across the state where fans can bet on the Detroit Lions. We anticipate online sports betting sites will launch before the end of 2020.

Can You Bet On The Lions At Michigan’s Legal Sportsbooks?

Any sportsbook that wants to make money will let bettors wager on the local NFL team. Even better, there are no betting restrictions on the Lions. With commercial and retail casinos now open again after COVID-related shutdowns and retail sportsbooks open across the state, bettors can flock to their sportsbooks and wager on what will hopefully be an on-time Lions season. They will also be able to bet on the Super Bowl in Michigan – even if the Lions don’t make it.

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What Are Popular Ways To Bet On The Lions?

The most popular bet is probably picking the winner in a standard moneyline bet. Point spreads and over/unders are other great point bets.

But ambitious sports bettors can bet on how multiple games in a row will turn out. Parlay bets are risky but rewarding for anyone with enough foresight to pull off a win. Futures are other risky bets, but they’re only on things like the outcome of the season. You only have to be right once.

Finally, prop bets are available for every conceivable in-game happenstance. These bets are mostly just for fun. No one’s winning thousands of dollars over a guess on the first team to step out of bounds.

Do The Lions Have A Partnership With Michigan Sportsbooks?

In September 2020, BetMGM and the Lions announced a partnership to provide unique experiences to Michigan sports bettors. BetMGM became the team’s official Michigan sportsbook, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the US. PointsBet penned a partnership with the Tigers.

The partnership will include BetMGM sponsoring activities and giveaways for Lions fans. This includes Lions Bingo and Lions Perks, which will be available on the BetMGM app. BetMGM will also sponsor team broadcast programming, digital marketing assets, and in-stadium promotions and signage.

In addition to this arrangement, the NFL has a fantasy sports partnership with DraftKings that lets them use the Lions’ stats, data, and likenesses on its website.

FanDuel has also expanded into Detroit. It partnered with Motor City Casino to open a physical location. It’s part of a wider strategy to offer in-person betting experiences for sports betting fans.

How Popular Is Betting On The Lions?

The Lions are one of Detroit’s most popular teams. But the Detroit Tigers are about as popular as the Lions, putting professional football and professional baseball neck-and-neck for Detroiters’ attention. They both put college sports to shame, and they’re far more popular than the Red Wings and the Pistons. Michiganders may love their teams, but the Lions and Tigers (but not the Bears) are where the betting action will be.

Do All Sportsbooks Offer Betting Lines On The Lions?

Yes, all MI sportsbooks will let bettors wager on the Lions. The Lions are one of the most popular teams in the city and belong to one of the most popular professional leagues in America. Good luck finding a legitimate sportsbook that doesn’t offer lines on them.

Where Can You Bet On The Lions?

Michigan’s Gaming Commission is setting the rules and guidelines for mobile sports betting. We anticipate online sports betting will officially launch before the end of 2020. In the meantime, many Michigan commercial casinos and tribal casinos announced partnerships with top sports betting companies, like DraftKings and PointsBet.

Until the mobile sports betting apps launch, Michigan betters can place bets on the Detroit Lions at retail sportsbook locations. All three Detroit casinos launched their retail sportsbooks and many of the tribal casinos now are accepting bets on the Lions.

As of August 2020, the NFL season is set to start, as scheduled, in early September. Many sportsbooks are already taking futures bets on the 2021 Super Bowl as well.

3 Things To Remember About Betting On The Lions

The availability of sports betting in Michigan is a moving target. Retail sportsbooks opened, closed due to COVID-19, and re-opened. Betting on all sports has been hampered by the lack of professional sports and adjusted schedules. Betting on the Lions will soon become available to Michigan bettors once the season officially kicks off.

  1. In-person sports betting is all that’s available in Michigan until online sports betting apps launch, hopefully before the end of 2020.
  2. The Lions don’t have a partnership with any sportsbooks, but DraftKings and FanDuel are moving into Detroit.
  3. Lions fans will have plenty of ways to bet on the Lions when games resume.

Social distancing hit the sports betting industry hard, but now that it’s legal to bet on sports in Michigan, it has a strong foothold. When mobile sports betting launches, it will be easier than ever to bet on the Detroit Lions.

Betting On The Detroit Lions – FAQs

Is it legal to bet on the Detroit Lions in Michigan?

Yes. Under current Michigan law, it is legal to visit a retail sportsbook location to place bets on the Detroit Lions. It is also currently legal to bet online at legal online sports betting sites but none have launched yet. Be prepared to see online sportsbook apps debut before the end of 2020.

Where can I place bets on the Detroit Lions in Michigan?

Currently, all three Detroit casinos have retail sportsbook locations. This includes the Greektown, MotorCity, and the MGM Grand Detroit. Various tribal casinos located through the state also launched retail sports betting locations in early 2020. Hopefully, by the end of 2020, Lions fans will be able to place bets online as well.

What are the Detroit Lions Super Bowl odds?

As of late August 2020, bookmakers aren’t too positive about the Lions chance to win Superbowl LV. DraftKings listed the odds as +6600.

Can I bet on the Super Bowl in Michigan?

Yes, all retail sportsbooks, and eventually online sportsbooks, will accept futures bets on the Super Bowl. Michigan bettors can place a bet on any NFL team winning Super Bowl LV.

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