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FOX Bet Michigan is one of the newer sportsbooks on the market and was developed through a partnership between Fox Sports and the Stars Group to offer wagering on sports games and matches for bettors in the US.

One of the things that makes this service stand out is that it is the first co-founded betting platform introduced by a popular US sports broadcaster. Through the partnership, Fox Corporation received a nearly 5% stake in the company for just under $240 million.

This sportsbook offers a wide variety of sports like football, basketball, football, and hockey and includes a wide range of betting options. While it may not be as well known as sportsbooks like DraftKings or FanDuel at this point, it’s clear that the brand is looking to push into the industry and offer something different for those who are already loyal to Fox Sports.

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COVID-19 hit Michigan hard. Casino closures and the slowing of the economy mean reduced revenue for the state in 2020. As much as the original Michigan online gambling laws laid out a 2021 timeline for the launch of legal online gambling in the state, the MGCB and state legislature are making a push for an earlier launch.

After a September 23 public hearing, the state anticipates a November launch for online sports betting in Michigan. Although FOX Bet doesn’t have a reputation of being the absolute first to market in new sports betting states, we expect FOX Bet to launch around the same time as other Michigan sportsbooks.

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FOX Bet Michigan Sportsbook Promo Code 2020

Backed by Fox Sports, FOX Bet Sportsbook will eventually be available as an app in Michigan, as well as a web-based platform. We anticipate FOX Bet will offer a $500 risk-free bet when it launches in Michigan based on the promos offered in other states. Terms and conditions apply.

Risk-Free Bet

Yes, up to $500
What States Allow FOX Bet SportsbookMichigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado
FOX Bet Sportsbook's Land-Based PartnerOdawa Casino
Promo Code Verified ForComing Soon


FOX Bet offers a risk-free bet as its welcome bonus package for new players. For instance, in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, a new user can receive up to $500 with this bonus when registering with the service.

FOX Bet offers a $500 risk-free bet for new customers. That means that up to a $500 limit, you’ll receive a full refund on that wager if it results in a loss. If you lose on the first wager you make, the money is credited back to you as site credits so you can try again without spending more money.

The risk-free refund is only applied if the bet results in a loss, and only to the first single wager made at FOX Bet.

FOX Bet falls behind the curve versus several other US sportsbooks in the bonus and promotions category. DraftKings Sportsbook offers the same $500 risk-free bet, and a 20% deposit match bonus up to $500. FanDuel Sportsbook only offers a $1,000 risk-free bet, but that amount is double the FOX Bet offer.

Other online sportsbooks in Michigan offer much more generous welcome bonuses. Players looking to maximize potential bonuses will find much more to take advantage of at some of Michigan’s other online sportsbooks.

  • BetMGM: Single risk-free bet up to $500
  • DraftKings: Deposit bonus of 20% up to $500 plus $500 risk-free bet
  • BetRivers: $250 match bonus
  • FanDuel: Single risk-free bet up to $500
  • FOX Bet: Deposit bonus of 50% up to $500 plus $500 risk-free bet


Michigan’s online sportsbooks don’t offer the same odds, point spreads, and vig (the house cut) on the same game. The abundance of legal online sportsbooks in Michigan allows bettors to research and shop for the best lines on a chosen game.

For example, here’s a look at the moneyline odds from five of Michigan’s top online sportsbooks on the NFL game between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs from Week 4 of the 2020 season:

 FOX BetDraftKingsFanDuelBetMGMBetRivers
New England Patriots+475+475+460+450+475
Kansas City Chiefs-650-590-620-625-590

This game represents just one example of the hundreds of different bets available at Michigan’s online sportsbooks at any one time. For this game, however, FOX Bet, DraftKings Sportsbook, and BetRivers offer the best underdog odds, with the Patriots paying at +475.

FOX Bet ranks last in favorite odds on the Chiefs, however. Looking at FOX Bet against DraftKings Sportsbook and BetRivers, we see that all three sportsbooks offer the same odds on New England, but FOX Bet offers a lower payout on the favored Chiefs.

This translates into FOX Bet taking more vig on the game. If all three sportsbooks took in equal money on both sides of the bet, FOX Bet would take the biggest house cut.



Fox Bet lets you wager on a huge number of sports, including those popular in the United States, as well as on an international level.

Football – Whether you enjoy collegiate or professional football, FOX Bet lets you wager on those games. You can choose your favorite betting style from choosing the winner to selecting from several game-related prop bets. Bettors in Michigan can wager on the Detroit Lions and the Michigan Wolverines.

Basketball – Betting on major and minor league basketball is possible through FOX Bet. Live betting is available on some of the dozens of wagers that are possible with this sport. This includes betting on the Detroit Pistons.

Baseball – You can bet on Major League Baseball through the season with traditional or prop bets. Some of the prop bets you might see are how many home runs will be hit in a game, how many strikeouts a pitcher will tally, and whether a game will reach extra innings. FOX Bet offers bets on the Detroit Tigers.

Golf – FOX Bet features wagering for the PGA and lets you bet on who will win, who will reach the top five or 10, or whether a player will get a better score than another one will.

Hockey – Betting on the NHL (including the Red Wings) happens from the preseason and through the postseason with many different wagering options. You can bet on everything from the side to win each period to how many goals will be scored, or which side will win against a puck line.

Soccer – The EPL, MLS, and UCL are all offered for wagering on FOX Bet with dozens of betting options. You’ll also find a variety of prop bets, such as what the final score will be or who will score the first goal.

Tennis – All sorts of tennis bets are possible using FOX Bet, including Challenger-level events and even Grand Slams. You can wager on the moneyline, over or under of games played in a match, and more.

UFC – MMA fighting events are available on FOX Bet in all weight classes for both men and women. Betting trends and statistics are provided so you can make the best possible wagers.

Boxing – Wagering on boxing can be done year-round with options for professional bouts as well as amateur events like the World Series of Boxing. Many wagers are available, including moneyline, method of victory, and more.

Auto Racing – Right now, FOX Bet offers NASCAR race wagering for those who are fans of watching cars fly around the track. You can bet odds, winners, matchups, or props.

Bettors certainly won’t miss out on any sport when looking at the selection FOX Bet has to offer. The overall number of sports and ways to bet put the platform in the top tier in this category.

See our full guide to Sports Betting In Michigan – What Can You Bet On.



FOX Bet presents Michigan players with several different options for funding an account. ACH/eCheck, credit cards, and debit cards represent the most popular ways to deposit at FOX Bet.

Both Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards are accepted by FOX Bet, but credit/debit card deposits come with some of the highest rates of rejection out of any deposit method. Depositing at FOX Bet represents a legal transaction, but the bank behind your credit/debit card might still decline the deposit.

ACH/eCheck doesn’t get declined as often as credit/debit cards. PayPal offers one of the most reliable ways to deposit, with nearly 100% acceptance.

Another fast, reliable way to both deposit and withdrawal is offered by the PokerStars Play+ Prepaid card. This prepaid card is offered directly by FOX Bet and allows instant transfer to and from your FOX Bet account.

PokerStars Play+ Prepaid, PayPal, and ACH/eCheck can also be used as withdrawal methods. Cashouts usually take anywhere from 2-7 days for the withdrawn funds to appear in your bank or PayPal account.

Other than a lack of American Express and Discover Card as deposit options, FOX Bet’s array of ways to fund and cash out ranks among the best of Michigan’s online sportsbooks.



FOX Bet does offer a mobile app; in fact, it offers sportsbook apps for those who use both Android and iOS systems so you can wager on the go from your smartphone or tablet. In addition to making bets, you can also manage your account information without having to go onto a website.

Some of the other capabilities of the FOX Bet app include the ability to make withdrawals and deposits, the potential to claim bonuses and promos, and the option to live stream sports and make live bets from any location in Michigan.

The mobile app version of FOX Bet translates well from the desktop client. Live and upcoming events take center stage in the main lobby, with the menu of all available sports situation at the top of the display.

It might take a little bit the figure out where everything is situated on the mobile app, but that has more to do with how many different sports and ways to bet FOX Bet has to offer than anything else.

The FOX Bet mobile sportsbook app also puts in-game and in-play betting right at your fingertips. Overall, the FOX Bet mobile app experience is right on par with its competitors in Michigan.



There’s plenty to like about FOX Bet, even if it is a newer option than big names like DraftKings and FanDuel. If you’re considering using the service in Michigan, there are a few things that set this system apart from the other options.

Since this service is affiliated with Fox Sports, you can enjoy daily betting content on the website to help you with your wagers. There are also frequent promotions you can take advantage of, and you will enjoy personal betting insights that take your style and preferences into account.

FOX Bet has daily bet boosts and custom boosts so you can enjoy more significant potential winnings with your favorite bet. There are also super boosts, which are the largest boosts offered every week.

Unlike other sportsbooks online, FOX Bet offers an enormous amount of prop bets for those who prefer that kind of wagering. There are many prop bets related to the stats of specific players, as well as odds boosts associated with personalities.

FOX Bet offers a top-tier online sportsbook, and Michigan bettors will want to have this app at their disposal. Our 4.4 grade takes all of the individual grades into consideration, and the only major mark against FOX Bet is the below-average welcome bonus offers.

Is FOX Bet Legit? Five Reasons

It can be tough to determine whether an online gambling platform is a legit enterprise or a fly-by-night offshore website.

FOX Bet takes a spot in the category of legit, legal sports betting sites, and here are five reasons you can bank on that:

Licensed Partner Of Odawa Casino

FOX Bet can offer an online sportsbook through its partnership with Odawa Casino, which is located in Petoskey, Michigan.

Being partnered with a casino is a requirement to offer a sports wagering website and app in Michigan, which FOX Bet has already done. This isn’t the case in every state because the regulations are state-based instead of being decided on a federal level. FOX Bet will be competing against some fierce competition with online sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings.

Approved By Michigan Gaming Control Board

FOX Bet will launch in Michigan as soon as Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) officials finalize the rules and regulations for online sports betting. As with other sportsbooks in the state, it is not yet operational but will likely become that way by the end of 2020.

All state-regulated sportsbooks must go through a rigorous vetting process before being approved by the MGCB. The fact that FOX Bet got the green light to offer sports betting in Michigan gives another sign that it’s a legit online sportsbook.

Regulated By National Indian Gaming Commission

As a licensed partner of a tribal casino, FOX Bet falls under the regulation of the National Indian Gaming Commission. This government agency is in place to assure legitimate business practices from all of Michigan’s tribal casinos.

Joint Venture Of FOX Sports And The Stars Group

FOX Sports and The Stars Group work as partners in offering the FOX Bet brand to US players. These two giants in sports media and legal gambling wouldn’t put their reputations on the line to offer an illegal or otherwise shady online sportsbook on American shores.

FOX Bet Operates In Multiple US States

There are currently only three other states in which FOX Bet operates, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. The brand will likely become available in many other states in the future as online sports betting is legalized in various locations.

How Is FOX Bet Different From Illegal Gambling Sites And Bookmakers?

Legalization of online sports betting in Michigan ushers in a new era of state-regulated, legal, and legitimate mobile sports betting. The number of different online sportsbooks at the disposal of Michigan sports enthusiasts will number more than a dozen when all approved operators get their mobile sportsbooks up and running.

With legal online sportsbooks now at the touch of a button, illegal gambling sites, offshore sportsbooks, and unregulated bookies instantly become a much less attractive option for wagering. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to keep your money at regulated online sportsbooks, and away from illegal enterprises:

Protocols In Place For Player Disputes

If you ever feel the need to file an official dispute over a FOX Bet wager, the MGCB and National Indian Gaming Commission both have procedures in place for players. The MGCB Patron Dispute form can be found here, while the National Indian Gaming Commission offers this information for tribal casino disputes.

FOX Bet falls under the regulation of the National Indian Gaming Commission, but the online sports betting industry as a whole is under the oversight of the MGCB.

MGCB And National Indian Gaming Commission Function As Government Agencies

All state-regulated online sportsbooks in Michigan are regulated, audited, and held accountable by the state’s pair of gaming regulatory bodies.

The MGCB and National Indian Gaming Commission are both government agencies, which operate to ensure legal gaming and player safety from Michigan’s casinos.

Illegal Bookmakers Don’t Have To Pay You

If you deposit at an offshore online gambling site, no US laws are protecting you if the site decides to take your money and run. Placing bets with an illegal bookie presents the same problem, with potentially other, more sinister ramifications.

Keeping your bets at Michigan’s legal online sportsbooks takes the black market element out of sports betting. When you win, FOX Bet will pay you.

Why Can I Trust FOX Bet With My Money?

Taking a look at the deposit and withdrawal methods available at FOX Bet shows a list of some of the world’s top financial institutions. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, are on board as financial facilitators for the legal sports betting offered at FOX Bet.

International banks like Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and several others also allow for ACH/eCheck to be used for deposits and cashouts. Making a deposit or withdrawal with these trusted methods ensures you’re backed by the security measures of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

Furthermore, the terms and conditions at FOX Bet outline the brand’s policy on the segregation of player funds from operating expenses. These separate accounts are managed by a leading bank, and this setup ensures that FOX Bet can pay out on all winning bets at any time.

All legal online gambling platforms must also, by state law, be secured with SSL encryption. FOX Bet, and its parent companies, operate with a priority on the safety of player funds and personal information.

Offshore sites and illegal bookmakers don’t have to protect your money. FOX Bet, and other state-regulated online gambling platforms, have every reason to keep your money safe.

FOX Bet Sportsbook Michigan Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to wager at FOX Bet Sportsbook?21 or over
What states is FOX Bet Sportsbook legal in?

Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado
Who is the retail partner of FOX Bet in Michigan?Odawa Casino
When will FOX Bet launch in Michigan?Coming soon

FOX Bet Michigan Sportsbook FAQ

Does FOX Bet provide any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes! FOX Bet is one of the online sportsbooks that offers both deposit bonuses and free bets. When you sign up to use the website or app, you can enjoy a risk-free bet up to $500.

This risk-free offer applies to your first single bet made at FOX Bet. If that first bet results in a loss, FOX Bet will refund you up to $500.

Do you have to be in Michigan when you place a sports wager at FOX Bet?

Yes. Like most states that offer online sports betting, you do need to be in Michigan to do so legally. Because online sportsbooks operate based on state laws, you have to be in the state to make a bet. However, you can also bet in some states that also have legalized online sports betting, depending on their rules.

Can I sign up at FOX Bet from any location in Michigan?

Yes. Unless things change, it will be possible to sign up for FOX Bet from any location in Michigan. You will likely not be required to sign up in person at a retail casino. However, until all the rules and regulations are unveiled, this is subject to change and may or may not be the reality when online sports betting becomes available.

Can you do in-play betting at FOX Bet in Michigan?

Yes! Many of the sports offered by FOX Bet for wagering let you make bets while the match or game is going on. This is going to vary based on the specific game and what kind of wager you want to make, but there are often some options to make the watching process even more exciting.

Is FOX Bet legitimate?

Yes. FOX Bet is associated with Fox Sports, which is one of the most well-known and respected sports broadcasters in the United States. As such, this sportsbook is highly legitimate, even if it is younger than some other services on the market. It’s a legal and safe option for making wagers on games.

How do you get paid if you win at FOX Bet MI?

There are several options. You can choose to have the money sent by an eCheck, apply the withdrawal to a prepaid card, or use Skrill for the withdrawal. If you’re at a retail establishment offering sports betting, you can also cash out in dollar bills at the cage.

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