PokerStars’ First Interstate Online Poker Series Kicks Off This Week

Last week, PokerStars announced its first interstate tournament series, which is also the first ever in which Michigan players can participate. The PokerStars Players Championship Online (PSPC Online) will kick off this Friday, Jan 13.

PokerStars combined its New Jersey and Michigan platforms on Jan 1, allowing players from both states to compete against each other for the first time. It celebrated the occasion with two New Years’ Day tournaments, which paid out over $200,000 in combined prizes.

The PSPC Online will run in the weeks before the in-person Players Championship takes place in the Bahamas. It will be PokerStars’ biggest online tournament series in the US, with $2.5 million in guaranteed prizes.

PokerStars US Managing Director Severin Rasset stated:

 It was brilliant to see our communities in Michigan, and New Jersey come out in force on January 1st to celebrate the combining of our player pool and enjoy our special New Year’s Day events and smash the guarantees. We’re now excited to bring players our first multi-state online series and our largest online series to date in the US, where players have the chance to join in the Bahamian fun of the PSPC and play alongside their favorite players as they battle it out on the online tables. There’s plenty more to come for the MI and NJ community, and we look forward to exciting and awarding our players in 2023 and beyond.

Want to participate in PSPC Online? Sign up for PokerStars MI today.

Details on PSPC Online

The series runs from Jan 13 to 30 and includes 85 events. No-Limit Hold’em dominates the schedule, but players will also find HORSE, 8-Game, 5-Card Draw and three variants of Pot-Limit Omaha: Hi, Hi/Lo and 5-Card.

The Main Event begins on Jan 29, featuring a $250 buy-in and a $300,000 guarantee. Alongside, there is a Mini Main Event with a $50 buy-in and $75,000 in guaranteed prizes. At the opposite end of the spectrum is a High Roller Main Event with a $2,500 buy-in and $125,000 guaranteed.

The PSPC will have events for all budgets, with buy-ins as low as $10 and satellites starting at $1. Another way to get a seat at the Main Event is through special $2.5 Spin-and-Go satellites.

The full schedule for the series can be found at the bottom of this article.

PSPC Online Compared to Pre-Combination Prize Pools

PSPC Online takes place in the same calendar slot formerly occupied by Winter Series.

PokerStars debuted its Winter Series in Michigan last year with great success. However, it was a much smaller affair than the newly combined player pool allows this year.

Winter Series guaranteed $650,000 in prize pools over 42 events. So, the number of events has doubled for PSPC Online, and combined guarantees have nearly quadrupled.

The Winter Series Main Event guaranteed $100,000, so that has tripled in expected size. In the end, 15,482 participants joined, creating a prize pool of $866,800 or 31% over the guarantee. If the PSPC Online Main Event beats the guarantee by a similar margin, it could exceed $3.2 million in prize money.

Even if we combine New Jersey’s 2022 Winter Series with Michigan’s, we get $1.15 million in guarantees and $1.4 million in prizes. This year’s guarantee of $2.5 million suggests that PokerStars is counting on reaping the benefits of the hype surrounding the merged player pool.

PokerStars’s Path to Shared Liquidity

For poker operators to be able to create multistate networks, they must join the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA). MSIGA was created by Nevada and Delaware and later joined by New Jersey. After many hurdles, Michigan was able to join in 2022.

So far, PokerStars has been the only operator able to begin networking between Michigan and New Jersey., which also operates in the Wolverine State, has the country’s longest-running multistate network. However, it hasn’t yet added Michigan. WSOP’s network currently links Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, but these states use an older version of the 888poker software WSOP uses to power its platform. It will need to upgrade the network to the newer Poker 8 platform before adding Michigan.

BetMGM Poker may be quicker to create a multistate online poker network that includes Michigan. It also had a software disparity between the two states but has already upgraded its New Jersey site to be compatible.

Expectations are that Michigan players should be able to play alongside their New Jersey peers on all three sites before the end of the year.

Separate PSPC Online for Pennsylvania

PokerStars will also run a version of PSPC Online for its players in Pennsylvania. The Keystone State had been PokerStars’ largest market before Michigan and New Jersey combined. Its 2022 Winter Series awarded over $1.3 million, nearly as much as the other two states combined. However, the Pennsylvania regulator has not yet joined the MSIGA, so its PSPC Online must remain separate.

The dates are the same as for the NJ/MI combined series, from Jan 13 to 30. It will feature 72 events and combined guarantees of $1.5 million. The Main Event will be on Jan 29 and have the same $250 buy-in as the other states but only a $150,000 guarantee.

Thus, PokerStars expects PSPC Online to be bigger than last year’s Winter Series, even in Pennsylvania, but not by the same margin as the combined states. PokerStars PA will also feature a main event on Jan 29 with a $250 buy-in and $150k prize pool.

PSPC Online Full Schedule – Michigan-NJ Network

#DateBuy-InGame / FormatNameGuarantee
1Jan 13$50NLHENightly Stars Warm-Up$12,500
2Jan 13$50NLHE KONightly Stars Knockout Warm-Up$12,500
3Jan 13$30HORSEMixed Game Warm-Up$3,500
4Jan 14$20NLHEAfternoon Warm-Up$7,500
5Jan 14$100NLHEBig Kickoff$60,000
6Jan 14$10NLHEMini Kickoff$12,500
7Jan 14$25NLHE TurboMini Stars Turbo$10,000
8Jan 14$25NLHE Turbo KOMini Stars Turbo Knockout$10,000
9Jan 15$50NLHE SlowMarathon$20,000
10Jan 15$30NLHESunday Warm-Up$12,000
11Jan 15$100NLHEPlayers Special$150,000
12Jan 15$10NLHEMini Players Special$20,000
13Jan 15$500NLHEHigh Roller Players Special$100,000
14Jan 15$50NLHE TurboTurbo Stars$12,500
15Jan 15$50NLHE Turbo KOTurbo Stars Knockout$12,500
16Jan 15$30NLHE Hyper KOBounty Builder Adrenaline$12,500
17Jan 16$250NLHEBattle Royale$40,000
18Jan 16$10NLHE TurboTurbo Battle$5,000
19Jan 16$100PLO8--$12,500
20Jan 16$30NLHE SpecialHeads-Up Zoom Prog. Total KO$10,000
21Jan 17$200NLHEFreezeout$25,000
22Jan 17$10NLHE 6-Max Zoom--$5,000
23Jan 17$100NLHESuper Tuesday$40,000
24Jan 17$305-Card Draw--$3,000
25Jan 18$250NLHEStorm$35,000
26Jan 18$10NLHE TurboStorm Turbo$5,000
27Jan 18$100NLHEClassic$25,000
28Jan 18$30PLO KO--$7,500
29Jan 19$10NLHE TurboStars Turbo$5,000
30Jan 19$50NLHE 4-Max--$10,000
31Jan 19$50NLHE 4-Max KO--$10,000
32Jan 19$100NLHEThursday Thrill$40,000
33Jan 19$30Razz--$4,000
34Jan 20$200PLO--$20,000
35Jan 20$100NLHE KOFriday Night Fight$30,000
36Jan 20$10NLHE Turbo KOTurbo Fight$5,000
37Jan 20$30NLHE 6-Max Zoom KO--$10,000
38Jan 21$10NLHEPlayers Championship Big $10$5,000
39Jan 21$250NLHE DeepDeepstack Saturday$35,000
40Jan 21$100NLHE Turbo--$20,000
41Jan 21$30NLHE DeepMini Deepstack Saturday$10,000
42Jan 22$30NLHE KOSunday Warm-Up$12,000
43Jan 22$200NLHE Two-DayChampionship Special$200,000
44Jan 22$20NLHEChampionship Mini Special$30,000
45Jan 22$1,000 NLHEChampionship High Roller Special$100,000
46Jan 22$100NLHE Turbo--$12,500
47Jan 22$50NLHE Turbo KO--$12,500
48Jan 22$50NLHE Hyper KOBounty Builder Adrenaline$15,000
49Jan 23$50NLHE KOBig KOs$10,000
50Jan 23$50NLHE KOMini KOs$10,000
51Jan 23$10NLHE Turbo KOTotal KO$5,000
52Jan 23$100NLHEBattle Royale$30,000
53Jan 23$30NLHE Turbo--$8,500
54Jan 24$250NLHESuper Tuesday$50,000
55Jan 24$10NLHE TurboTurbo Tuesday$5,000
56Jan 24$1008-Game--$10,000
57Jan 24$30NLHE Deep KOBig Stack$10,000
58Jan 25$50NLHEFreezeout$12,500
59Jan 25$50NLHE KOFreezeout$12,500
60Jan 25$10NLHE HyperAdrenaline$5,000
61Jan 25$100NLHEStorm$30,000
62Jan 25$305-Card PLO--$6,000
63Jan 26$250NLHEThursday Thrill$50,000
64Jan 26$10NLHE TurboTurbo Thrill$5,000
65Jan 26$100NLHE Zoom--$25,000
66Jan 26$30NLHELast Man Standing$7,500
67Jan 27$250NLHEFriday Night Fight$40,000
68Jan 27$10NLHE HyperAdrenaline$5,000
69Jan 27$100NLHE 6-Max Turbo--$25,000
70Jan 27$30NLHE Hyper KOBounty Builder Adrenaline$5,000
71Jan 28$250NLHEMain Event Walk Through$35,000
72Jan 28$10NLHEMain Event Run Through$5,000
73Jan 28$100NLHE DeepDeepstack Saturday$30,000
74Jan 28$30NLHEFreezeout$6,000
75Jan 29$50NLHE SlowMarathon$25,000
76Jan 29$30NLHEMain Event Warm Up$15,000
77Jan 29$250NLHE 2-Day** MAIN EVENT **$300,000
78Jan 29$50NLHEMini Main Event$75,000
79Jan 29$25,000 NLHESuper High Roller Main Event$125,000
80Jan 29$100NLHEMain Event Second Chance$30,000
81Jan 29$75NLHE Hyper KOBounty Builder Adrenaline Big KOs$20,000
82Jan 30$100NLHEThe Closer$40,000
83Jan 30$100NLHEPhase$100,000
84Jan 30$10NLHEMini Closer$10,000
85Jan 30$300NLHE 6-Max KOLast Chance Big KOs$50,000
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