New Online Casinos in Michigan

New Michigan online casinos have popped up regularly, thanks to the state’s legislative embrace of online gambling. However, when it comes to new online casinos, Michigan doesn’t exactly have a surplus of new platforms coming down the pipeline. Most of the state’s online casino licenses are spoken for, and only a select few new casinos could launch in the future. 

Newest Online Casinos In Michigan

New Michigan online casinos are starting to get rarer by the day, mainly because the state’s 15 licenses are taken (with one exception, which we’ll discuss in a later section). However, there’s one recent-ish addition to Michigan’s online casino pantheon: Soaring Eagle Online Casino. 

Soaring Eagle Online Casino

Soaring Eagle became Michigan’s latest online casino on April 14, 2022. In fact, Soaring Eagle is Michigan’s newest online casino by a pretty significant stretch. Most other online platforms in the state launched in early 2021, just after Michigan legalized online gambling. 

The online casino took a while to enter the Michigan market because Soaring Eagle decided to develop its own product, rather than partnering with a major existing operator. As you might’ve guessed, Soaring Eagle is a product of Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, MI.

As games go, new Michigan online casinos need to pull their weight to compete with existing platforms. Soaring Eagle has an okay slots library with some solid games. It makes up for a small-ish slots portfolio with a wide variety of table games. The Soaring Eagle online casino bonus in Michigan is a two-parter:

  • 100% first deposit match (minimum $10) up to $1,000 
  • 100% match on your second deposit up to $500 plus 20 free spins on select slots

Sports Illustrated Casino

The next likely contender to join the Michigan online casino market? Sports Illustrated Casino. Details are hard to come by with regard to SI’s online casino platform, but the company did announce it plans to launch in Michigan sometime in the future. Whether that means this year, early next year, or even late 2023 is uncertain.

Sports Illustrated has a sportsbook in Colorado, Michigan, and Virginia, but Michigan appears to be the company’s first foray into online casino gaming. As such, we have no information on what the bonus will be or what games will be on offer at Sports Illustrated Casino Michigan.

Though information on Sports Illustrated Casino is limited, we will keep an eye out for new developments and update this page as we find out more.

Why Join a New Michigan Online Casino?

Well, there are a few reasons to join up with Michigan’s newest online casinos alongside long-time market favorites. 

Claim Multiple Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses at online casinos are a one-and-done deal. You sign up, you get the bonus, and that’s it. Security measures prevent you from creating a second account with the same casino.

So, whether a Michigan online casino is actually new (like Soaring Eagle) or it’s just new to you specifically, it makes sense to sign up. 

Some casinos offer no deposit bonuses, and others provide risk-free betting periods or deposit matches. Some even tack on free spins on certain slots as an added benefit. You might find different bonus types intermingled, giving you access to a no-deposit bonus, free spins, and a deposit match. 

In theory, you can sign up for every Michigan online casino and earn massive bonus amounts, provided you can shell out the money for a match or a risk-free bet. 

More Game Variety

More online casinos equal more game variety — it’s really that simple. Some long-running and new MI online casinos have exclusive games, so it benefits you to have accounts with multiple platforms. 

On top of that, you can find special features and mechanics at different MI online casino sites. Having the ability to sift through various mechanics, volatility levels, and bonus features means you can always find a game that fits your preferences. 

Plus, jackpots can be higher at one casino and lower at another. 

New Games & Exclusives Frequently Added

Similar to the point above, having an account at numerous online casinos in MI gives you access to the new games they add on a regular basis. If you check back on multiple platforms at regular intervals, you’re bound to find new games. 

Reward & Loyalty Programs

If you’re signing up for new online casinos, Michigan retail casinos could also have special benefits for you. Most of the state’s online gaming platforms offer some sort of rewards or loyalty program. Often, the benefits you earn can be used both online or at a retail sportsbook. 

If you visit different retail properties on a regular basis, you can use your rewards points to earn perks and discounts at those properties if you’ve been using the corresponding online casino platform. 

How Often Does Michigan Launch New Online Casinos?

Short answer: not often. Soaring Eagle was the latest to join the fray. Sports Illustrated appears poised to be the next new Michigan online casino. 

But other than that, it’s slim pickings. This is mainly because Michigan only offers 15 online casino operator licenses: one for each of Detroit’s three commercial casinos and one for each of the state’s tribal casinos. All of those licenses are spoken for, so once Sports Illustrated is live, the state is unlikely to see much movement by way of new online casinos

However, there’s one small caveat. TwinSpires is shutting down its online casino and sportsbook, freeing up a license partner: Island Resort & Casino in Harris. 

Chances are a new operator will scoop up that license opportunity, but no word on who it could be as yet. If and when more information becomes available, we’ll update this page. Whatever platform secures the license will be MI’s newest online casino. 

New Online Casino Games in MI

Michigan’s bustling online casino scene welcomes new games at a rapid clip. Here’s a brief look at three of the state’s top online casinos and some of their newest games. 

Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Michigan lists a whopping 36 new games as of this writing, but we’ll just focus on a few here to keep it simple. For a full view of Golden Nugget Michigan’s new games, head to the online casino to explore their newest offerings. 

The first two notable additions to Golden Nugget Michigan’s library are Rolling in Gold and Ted. Both come from White Hat Studios and previously debuted on BetMGM. Golden Nugget players can enjoy both titles now. 

Ted is based on Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut, a movie about a stuffed Teddy Bear that comes to life and lives well beyond childhood. The game pulls classic moments from the movie, including the famous Thunder Buddies song. 

Rolling In Gold is a more classic take on slots, though it has newfangled graphics and a host of shiny symbols like diamonds, rubies, and more. 

Other new Golden Nugget games include Bonanza Blast, Dancing Drums Prosperity, and Wild Portals Megaways.

Caesars MI Casino

Currently, Caesars Michigan lists 12 games under its “new” section, and many of them are player favorites finally making their way to the Caesars platform. 

Let It Ride and Ultimate Texas Hold’em are now available, adding to Caesars’ new online casino games in Michigan. Both are poker-style games popular with players at retail casinos across the country. 

Monopoly Big Spin comes to Caesars’ slots library, adding another slot themed on the classic board game, this time with a massive wheel players get to spin from time to time. 

Rounding out Caesars’ new online casino games are Enchanted Waysfecta, Gorilla Go Wild, Chicken Fox, Chicken Fox 5x SkillstarLightning Horseman, Lightning Leopard, and a handful of other games. 


BetMGM isn’t a new Michigan online casino by any means, but it’s one of the state’s best. Just look to the online casino’s game library to see why: hundreds of games are available. 

58 new games grace the platform as of this writing, including many standouts. 

Detroit Tigers Slingo offers a slots-bingo hybrid themed after Michigan’s Major League Baseball team, making it a great fit for casino players who also enjoy sports crossovers. Slingo Big Wheel was also recently added to BetMGM’s library. 

Wolf Legend Megaways brings the highly popular megaways mechanic to BetMGM players in a new title. 

Other hot releases at BetMGM Michigan include Dragons of the North, Diamond Cash Mighty Elephant, Carnival Cow, and Dancing Drums Prosperity. 

Current Online Casinos in Michigan

Michigan has a host of more than a dozen online casinos. With Sports Illustrated on the way and an opening coming after TwinSpires shuts down, Michigan’s Roster will be full in the near-ish future. 

As for now, here are some of our top recommended Michigan online casinos. 

Each online casino platform in Michigan has its own pros and cons. We encourage you to read our reviews to help you decide which one is best for you.

New Casinos in Michigan FAQ

How many online casinos are in Michigan?

Just over a dozen as of this writing. Sports Illustrated Casino is expected in the near-to-mid future. TwinSpires will shut down soon, but there’s no confirmed platform ready to replace it yet. There are a handful of possible contenders, but we won’t speculate; best to wait until we know more.

What's the maximum number of online casinos in Michigan?

15. There are 15 available licenses for Michigan online casinos, and most of them are already taken. The 15 licenses come from three Detroit casinos and 12 tribal properties scattered across the state. 

Why can’t you play Michigan online casinos in other states?

This is a regulatory and legal issue. States are free to legalize online gambling (including sportsbooks, casinos, poker, and DFS) on their own terms. But online gambling isn’t offered federally. This means you can only play at online casinos within the state that offers them.

The good news is you don’t need to live in Michigan to play at its online casinos. You can travel to the state and play while you’re within its borders, provided you’re 21 years or older.

When do new online casino games come out?

Regularly! You can check back at Michigan’s top online casinos as often as you’d like, and chances are you’ll find a new game on occasion. There isn’t necessarily a set schedule; online casinos will offer new games as soon as they’re able. Sometimes it takes some behind-the-scenes work (licensing, contracts, regulations) before a new MI online casino game can launch.

Why join a new online casino in Michigan?

There are a few key reasons to join a new MI online casino. First is the welcome bonus. Online casinos offer lucrative promotions to new users, often giving you the potential for more than $1,000 in bonuses.

Plus, you get more game variety. The more online casinos you sign up with, the more access to new games and themes you have.

How to find new online casinos in Michigan?

You can head to for all the latest on Michigan online casinos. We offer frequent updates about the state’s online gambling options, including lists recommending our top choices for every type of player.

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