Get a MotorCity Casino Free Room via FanDuel

Hotel and casino resorts are famous for awarding complimentary rooms to guests, also known as comp rooms. MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit is no different. They would rather have you stay and have fun playing than worry about the cost of a hotel room. There are several ways you can score a MotorCity Casino free room and other hotel benefits for your stay, and one of the easiest is playing at FanDuel Casino.

Link FanDuel Account to MotorCity Club Metro

Players can earn a MotorCity Casino free room by linking their MotorCity Club Metro account with their FanDuel Casino account. New to FanDuel Casino? Join with the FanDuel Casino promo code for a rebate after the first 24 hours of play.

Linking the MotorCity Club Metro account to FanDuel Casino gives players double the benefits. While playing on FanDuel or at MotorCity Casino Hotel, players earn signature points for a host of benefits. All those playing points funnel into getting discounts that can score you a MotorCity casino free room.

How to Combine FanDuel & MotorCity Accounts

To combine the MotorCity Casino Club Metro card with the FanDuel Players Club Points, log in to your FanDuel Sportsbook account and go to the A-Z sports menu. There, you’ll see the “MotorCity Casino Rewards” in the M’s. Click it and follow the instructions to link your account.

How to Earn Comp Rooms at MotorCity Casino

For playing at MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, the goal is to build up your signature points in your Club Metro players program. There are four levels to the Club Metro program: Club Metro, Signature, Signature Club Elite, and Signature Premium.

New players start at the Club Metro level unless they have a player’s card from another casino. Show your player’s card from another casino and they may bump you up a few levels. This is called tier matching.

MotorCity Casino Hotel players advance in levels based on their play. How much you wager, the size of each bet, and how long you play will advance your levels rather quickly. You will then be invited to advance in Club Metro levels over time.

Club Metro players get 10% off hotel rooms, Signature players get 15% off, Signature Club Elite players get 20% off, and Signature Premium players get 25% off.

That’s just MotorCity Casino. Now let’s add in FanDuel.

How to Earn Comp Rooms at FanDuel Casino

The players club at FanDuel also gives points to its members for complimentary benefits. Your points and benefits build up as you play at FanDuel Casino, Sportsbook, or DFS. 

Your FanDuel betting action and purchases at MotorCity Casino Hotel will build a healthy balance of points with the two accounts linked.

Plus, with FanDuel and MotorCity’s Club Metro combined you could earn all kinds of rewards related to hotel stays, including:

  • 3% comp back for every $1 spent on cash or credit hotel stays
  • Exclusive check-in service
  • 24-hour hotel room from the time of check-in
  • Customized hotel welcome gift
  • Cash discounts on hotel rooms
  • Complimentary hotel upgrades when available
  • Monthly room offers

Once reaching the Club Metro Signature Premium level, a four-night stay will net you a free hotel room with 25% off.

Ready to Earn a MotorCity Casino Free Room 

Now you’re ready to plan your next trip to Detroit. And, just think, you can earn extra points before you arrive via FanDuel’s website or app. That’s combining one of the best Michigan online casinos with one of the best brick-and-mortar casinos in the state.

Make sure to read all terms and conditions before participating. But this is one promotion between FanDuel and MotorCity Casino Hotel you don’t want to pass up on your next trip.

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