Caesars Online Video Poker Strategy, Tips, & Promo Codes

Video poker is one of the most famous and popular casino games, and Caesars Online video poker is among the favorites of Michigan online casino players. It’s no wonder, as Caesars Casino Online offers several different versions of video poker with high payouts.

New to the casino? Join with the Caesars Casino Michigan promo code for a 100% match up to $2,000. Otherwise, here are some expert tips on Caesars Online video poker.

What Caesars Online Video Poker Games Are Available in MI?

As shown above, Caesars Online offers 16 options and variances of video poker, starting with the famous Game King Video Poker 9-in-1. On Game King, players can select such classics as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wilds. There are also more unique variances like Double Double Regal Poker, Jester Poker, Ultimate X Ten Play Poker, and Triple Play Poker.

Video Poker Strategy & Tips

The single biggest mistake you can make playing Caesars Online video poker is to go in blindly and guess at random. Here are some expert video poker strategy and tips to increase your chances of winning.

1. Learn the Rules

No video poker strategy will work if you don’t know what you’re doing. While the game might look like online slots, it’s very different. With video poker, the player has more control over the game’s outcome.

All video poker games are based on five-card draw poker. You place your wager, and you receive five cards. Then you have choices of holding or discarding any or all of them. After that, press “Draw,” and the computer replaces the cards you’ve tossed. 

You win by getting any of the game’s poker hands, usually starting with a pair of Jacks or better. 

2. Choose the Right Pay Type

Not all games have the same payback, and knowing which ones give you the best opportunity to win is vital. All games will have a house edge, but some pay more. See more for some of the most popular games. 

  • Jacks or Better: The best pay type is the 9/6, offering 99.54% payback. Often the pay type will be announced, but if not, look at the pay table and precisely the full house and the flush. Look under one coin winnings: 9 coins for a full house and 6 for a flush will correspond to a 9/6 payout. Other good payouts are 9/5 and 8/6.
  • Deuces Wild: Different than Jacks or better, you must look at multiple paylines. You can determine the paytable by starting with the one coin winnings on Wild Royal flush and down. The best is 25/15/9/5/3/2, paying 100.76% (the house loses money). Another is the 25/15/11/4/4/3 with 99.76%.

3. Stick to One or Two Games

Learning multiple variations of video poker and the countless strategies of each one is not the optimal strategy. Instead, focus on one or two, and try to understand them better. Most people stick to the classics Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, but that’s entirely up to you and what you like. 

4. Take Advantage of the Caesars Casino Promo Code

Caesars Casino Michigan offers a great welcome bonus to new players. Use link in the table below to claim:

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Being a Caesars Rewards member will also provide you with more freebies and special bonuses. Every time you place a bet on Caesars Online video poker or any other game, you’ll earn points that you can exchange for free play.

5. Play The Max (If Possible)

Always choose to play the max bet. That will help you get bigger bonuses and wins, especially if you land the big payout: the Royal Flush (10-Ace, suited). In fact, the max triggers the biggest bet-to-win ratio than any of the other coin settings, so it’s truly maximizing your winnings.

However, it’s far more important to play within your budget. That’s a crucial component to Responsible Gaming. Most players will never get a Royal Flush, but all players can only guarantee success by playing within their limits, never chasing losses, and stopping when they’re ahead.

6. Know Which Cards to Hold

Holding the right cards can give you a higher chance of winning. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Never give up a low pair for a high card: If you have a pair, even a low ranking one, hold it. Don’t discard for the chance of a high card turning to a higher pair or more. Always hold on to low pair, or any pair, unless you’re one card away from a straight or a flush.
  • Flush: A few things to note – don’t hold two or three cards for a chance of a flush or a straight. The chances are minimal, and you’re likely to lose. On the other hand, if you have an opportunity for a Royal Flush, break up a Flush or a Straight. 
  • High card: if no pairs or potential of a straight or flush are available, keep a high card if you have one.

7. Practice With Caesars Online Video Poker Demo Play

You can practice with the casino’s demo play feature. Just choose the game you like, and select “Demo Play.” Practicing more will help you understand the game and get much better at it. Additionally, you can practice any strategies you’ve learned.

What is The Best-Paying Video Poker Game at Caesars?

As mentioned above, you must know the pay type and your chances. With that said, the Deuces Wilds will bring the highest payout potential. 

As the video poker strategy section mentioned, the highest possible percentage is 100.76%. That is, of course, hard to come by, but many Deuces Wilds pay above 99%. 

You should also consider Jacks or Better, as, unlike Deuces Wilds, its lowest payout is for a pair and have a similar payout percentage, with the highest being 99.54%. 

There are many Caesars Online video poker options, so you will likely find a version of the game that will suit your preferences and pay potential.

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