BetMGM Sportsbook Offers 35-to-1 Odds on any Detroit Sports Championship

There was a time when Detroit was known as “The City of Champions,” and it was many years before Green Bay co-opted that name. But now, as we enter the final quarter of the 2022 calendar year, Detroit’s pro teams are somewhere between sad and underestimated, with a little “improving steadily” in between.

Should one of the four Motor City major pro teams win its sport’s next championship, you could earn a Joe Louis fist-sized payoff. BetMGM Michigan is offering a unique futures bet that pays 35-to-1 for sports bettors in Michigan.

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Get 35-to-1 Odds on any Detroit Championship From BetMGM

With the Title Town Special from BetMGM Sportsbook MI, you get this futures bet bundle:

  • Detroit Lions to win Super Bowl 57
  • OR Detroit Pistons to win 2022-23 NBA Finals
  • OR Detroit Tigers to win 2022 World Series
  • OR Detroit Red Wings to win the 2022-23 Stanley Cup

If any of those things happen, you get paid out at 35-to-1. That means a $50 bet would win you $1,750 should the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, or Tigers win the next championship in their sport. That is one of the best offers on Michigan’s sports betting apps.

You don’t have to be a new customer to find these odds. All BetMGM users can place this wager. Look for the “Specials” option on the list of sports available for betting. Then click on “Title Town Specials” and then “Motor City Miracle.”

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Odds for Detroit teams to win titles

When Detroit was “The City of Champions”

In the 1930s, America was in the Great Depression. It wasn’t a Very Poor Depression, or a Pretty Darn Bad Depression, it was GREAT.

But in Detroit, some solace was taken from the fact that sports teams were darned good. In 1934, the Tigers played in but lost the World Series. In 1935, the Tigers won the World Series in October. A few months later the winning continued.

In mid-December 1935, the Detroit Lions, behind Hall of Fame back Dutch Clark, beat the New York Giants to garner their first NFL title. But at that time, a champion was percolating elsewhere in the city.

The Detroit Red Wings were a high-scoring team that also employed bone-crushing defense in 1935-36. The team actually struggled a bit at the end of the 1936 regular season but advanced to the postseason, where it defeated the Montreal Maroons to earn a spot in the Stanley Cup Finals. That’s when Syd Howe & Co. leveled the Toronto Maple Leafs in four games to capture the Stanley Cup trophy.

Thus, Detroit had won all three major pro sports titles in a row, from October 1935 to April 1936. It’s the only time that’s ever happened.

Remarkably, only a year later, the Red Wings raised the Stanley Cup again, and Detroit’s own Joe Louis won the heavyweight title. It was a wonderful time to be a fan of Detroit sports.

It earned Detroit the nickname “City of Champions.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Pro Sports Champions

Has any city won all four major pro championships in the same calendar year?

No, a single city has never won championships in professional baseball, basketball, football, and hockey in the same calendar year.

The last city to win even two major titles in the same calendar year was Los Angeles in 2020 when the Lakers won the NBA title in the spring, and the Dodgers followed with a World Series victory in the fall.

Which city has won the most titles in the 2000s?

One thing for certain in sports: Boston hates LA, and LA hates Boston.

That’s appropriate over the last 22 years, seeing as those two cities have won the most major titles.

Boston has 12 titles since 2000 (six in the NFL, four in MLB, and one each in the NHL and NBA).

The Los Angeles teams have also won 12 titles since 2000 one each by the Dodgers and Angels, one by the Rams, three by the Kings, and six by the Lakers.

The San Francisco Bay area (including Oakland) has seven titles since 2000 four by the Golden State Warriors, and three by the San Francisco Giants. That’s the third-most this millennium.

Has any city held all four major professional sports titles at the same time?

No, the record is three by Detroit in 1935-36, when the Tigers (won the World Series on Oct. 7, 1935), Lions (won NFL championship, Dec. 15, 1935), and Red Wings (won Stanley Cup on Apr. 11, 1936), won consecutive titles in their sports.

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